Allison, Lisa Jill

“I explore the world and my emotions through my paintings. The last 6 years have been dedicated to putting this exploration on canvas.”

Lisa Jill Allison was born November 6, 1959 in New Britain, Connecticut and currently lives in Fort Pierce, Florida as she has for the past 30 years. She is divorced with two wonderful sons and two beautiful grandchildren, who often help her paint on the weekends.

How she became an artist is a rather odd story. She had cancer and was in an unhappy marriage. She decided that at the very least peace, if not happiness was part of the “cure”, so she left the marriage and moved into a lovely apartment in a 1920’s hotel turned into apartments. There were insets in the lobby walls designed for murals. A woman had begun doing murals for the building owner and stopped part way through the job. She asked to do the murals in exchange for rent. She would go down to the lobby late at night and paint while everyone slept, sometimes even in her pajamas. The murals were well received and ever since she’s been hooked on painting.

Lisa is self-taught for the most part; her actual degree is in Elementary Education. While in college, for any electives possible she took art classes, from drawing to pottery. Her most beneficial “education” has been the past 6 years of immersing herself in painting, almost daily and for many hours a day.

She paints what she experiences. She had a difficult childhood and was privileged to learn to see the beauty amidst the chaos. Nature was one of her favorite places to experience this and it still inspires her on a daily basis.  The moments of daily life inspire her as well: a young couple holding hands as they walk by me and an old couple sharing an ice cream sunday at the shop next store inspire me.  Her greatest inspiration is the resilience of the human spirit. It can get beaten down again and again and still find a way to bloom again and again. This inspires her to daily dig to find the great joy and strength within and then put snippets of this on a canvas.

Her technique is what she likes to call “Controlled chaos.”  Pallette knife, rollers, brushes, hands and tons and tons of paint. She just enjoys the process. The color choices and subject matter are mood driven.  Her favorite style so far is emotive impressionism.

Over the past 6 years she has been in numerous juried shows through in Florida, including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, St Augustine and Stuart. She had the honor of displaying at the Consulate of Columbia in New York, as well as Pier 92 in Manhattan. I have shown in numerous galleries throughout Florida. Lisa is very engaged with charity work as well.