Brady, Jade

The need to create has always been a passion of mine. Being an artist isn’t a job but a vocation. It allows me to express myself in a beautiful and productive way. Art is an outlet through which I can channel my emotions. I paint when I am happy, sad and everything in between. Acrylics allow me to work quickly and build up layers with minimal drying time. I also use tar, paper and oil pastels. My work is developed through an intuitive process inspired by music, dreams, nature and experiences. I work on canvas, creating a layered collage and often let the materials guide me through the process. My work is a reflection of self as well as an interpretation of the world around me. Painting helps me process my emotions and offers healing and growth in a safe environment. Whether I am painting alone or in front of a crowd, I always feel at home. Art has helped me through tough times and difficult decisions. I talk to my paintings while I work. I sing and dance around them. In turn, they heal me.