Bridgers, Wellon

Wellon Bridgers

Truth may be found all around us. The difficulty is getting past our own limitations (of perspective or perception by choice, failure of discernment, clouded eyes) to see that which is unfailing, unlimited, and persistent. For me, painting has become a means to see Truth firstly revealed through the natural world, imagination, people, and ultimately Scriptures, and then understood with a mind and heart “trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord….” It is a journey of the ways that the Lord relentlessly pursues his beloved through #me and place and
calls us to intentional living wherein we hope, dwell, learn, and love. My hope is that my paintings will speak Truth to you where, when, and how you need it.

Wellon Bridgers studied English and French at Auburn University and received her Masters in English at Wake Forest University. She taught for several years in the high school and university setting and has worked closely with service learning programs. During this #me, she discovered a love for painting and enjoys exploring new techniques and styles. Wellon is an advocate for Mwana Villages, a grassroots organization supporting orphans and vulnerable families in the Republic of Congo. Wellon and Stephen have four (playful, creative, determined
and spunky) children: Fitz, Chloe, Daniel and Leila.

She describes her work as abstract representational: each stylistic element of either color choice and blending, texture, theme, or composition is intentionally selected to represent a larger message through the piece. Throughout the works, themes of play on light and dark, the melding of colors, and the contrast of raised textures provide continuity and signature while each piece remains individual and unique.