Carlos Aguilar

One of the reasons Mexican master sculptor Carlos Aguilar decided to work in the medium of bronze was to convey sentiment. As he said, “It’s interesting and joyful to give birth to an illusion of something floating in the air, for one to picture parts or objects of a work of art that are not there, inciting, and inviting your imagination to interpret each sculpture, thereby allowing you to enjoy the sculpture as much as I relish its evolution.” Carlos has created works for a myriad of events and personalities, including the completion and presentation of “Clinton’s Sax” when the President and Mrs. Clinton visited Mexico in 1997.

Aguilar created a series of mime sculptures in homage to French mime Marcel Marceau. The originals of these sculptures (which include “C’est La Vie”) can be found on exhibit at the Marcel Marceau Museum in Paris. Aguilar’s bronzes are full of life and movement and he draws great inspiration from the worlds of music and acting. His main expositions include: IJFB Key Awards, International Jazz Festival Bern (1994-2006); presentation to musician Oscar Peterson at JazzFestival Bern (1995); Tavern on the Green, New York (1995); a special homage to the artist at Restaurant New Orleans, Mexico City (1997, 1999, 2001); solo exhibition, University del Valle de Mexico, Lomas Verdes (2002);and Art Expo, New York (2004). The medium he chose is not for the fainthearted. “It’s a hard job,” he says, “very hard, but it’s also magical and creative, the melting of the wax, the fire and the bronze . . . giving a wonderful touch”.