Casarietti, Robert and Michelle

Robert and Michelle Casarietti create collaborative Original Abstract Paintings and Sculptures.

The Casarietti’s have been painting together on the same canvas for the last 16 years.  Their works hang in some of the most prestigious homes, resorts and office spaces. Their paintings are truly a collaboration of thought and experience.

The Spirit Woman series is a celebration of the magic of life. Honoring the female form, energy and the light it brings onto the world. The clam, courageous, beauty, and power of the female spirit. This is the first effort of collaborative art created between Robert and Michelle. Spirit Woman Series is created with SX70 Polaroid film. Hand drawing on the film while the emulsion transforms into image. There is also some hand painted highlighting. These pieces were created “Before Photoshop”.

Robert & Michelle prefer not to describe their own interpretations, rather let the art speak to each individual.  Allowing the person to become a part of the painting, arriving at his or her own conclusions, feelings and interpretations.  The idea is have the viewer develop a rapport with the piece and begin to see different links and correlation’s they relate to personally.

Each piece is imbued with positive energy; made to give visual beauty, create a place for meditation, reflection, healing or a simple moment of peace.