Daniel, Luis

Born in Cajamarca, Peru, Luis Daniel is a largely self-taught artist who is renowned for his realistic still life and landscape masterpieces.  Drawing inspiration from the exotic and varied natural surroundings of his native Peru, Daniel has managed to produce a wonderful body of work that is evocative of days gone by.  Daniel’s compositions, often featuring mountains, chirimoyas or mountain girls, or Peruvian flowers, are a testament to his rare imitative skill. The subtle, nuanced work of the artist is unparalleled in its level of detail and range of color.  Luis Daniel is truly a modern master.  He employs the techniques of today with a style reminiscent of some of the Renaissance’s finest imitative artists.

The work of Luis Daniel has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions in his native Peru as well as Bolivia, Colombia, Denmark, and here in the United States.