Fang Wu

fang wu

Wu Feimin (Fang Wu) was born in Aug, 1976 in Guangdong province. He now lives in Shenzhen city with his family and child. At the age of 5, he became interested in all kinds of colorful paintings.  He began taking art lessons and devoted himself in the art world. Painting became a large part of his life

 In 2005, he graduated from Guangdong Zhanjiang Art School, major in fine arts. In 2007, he studied in Guangzhou Academic of Fine Art.

 Wu has a love for nature.  He spend much of his time in a forest studying the uncanny workmanship of nature.  Using a knife, his paintings has a distinctive style and unique taste.

 In 2010, his work took part in Guangdong youth art exhibition of art and was awarded prize of excellent works. His work has been collected by Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs. His work has also sold in Germany, France, and United States.