Gilmer was born December 7, 1975 in San Miguel de Cajamarca, Peru. A predominantly self-taught artist, Gilmer began by drawing peaches, apples, and limes. It was not until later during a period of time spent in Lima that he incorporated color into his compositions. Time spent at the studio of Bartolome Malca and Edilmer Sánchez influenced Gilmer’s technique and inspired him to imbue his still lifes with living energy.

The artist’s great technical skill is evident in the way he paints the wooden tables and delicate porcelain vases in his works. Gilmer’s renderings of fruits and objects are subtle and realistic, yet his still lifes are exuberant and monumental. The plump, juicy fruits featured are meant to be sensual. The style of his work oscillates between realism and impressionism. Gilmer aims to capture a state of reality in which the fantastic and mysterious can also co-exist. He believes his work fuses the classical art of the past and his contemporary artistic vision.

Although he has experimented with different mediums, Gilmer prefers to work with oil on canvas. He presently resides in Lima, Peru, where he has his studio, with his wife and two children.