Julián Eduardo Samayani Huayhua was born on June 12, 1985 in Mollendo-islay-arequipa. He attended the following colleges: Escuela Superior de Arte Carlos Baca flor Arequipa, Instituto Thomas Jefferson, and graduated from Escuela de Arte Carlos Baca Flor 2001- 2005 as a Professional Plastic Artist and also from the Thomas Jefferson Institute as a photographer.


-First place in drawing and painting during studies 2001-2005

-First place at the Sand sculptures national contest 2005 BCP Agua Dulce   Beach – Chorrillos – Lima

-First place at the Hly and Magic 2005 Colca – Arequipa

4: Exhibitions

  • 2002 Collective exhibition, ICPNA Gallery – Arequipa
  • 2003 Collective exhibition, Chávez de la Rosa Gallery, UNSA arequipa
  • 2004 Collective exhibition, Chávez de la Rosa Gallery UNSA arequipa
  • 2005 Collective exhibition, galería de la escuela de bellas artes de cuzco diego Quispe Tito
  • 2005 Collective exhibition, Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes del Perú Gallery – Lima
  • 2006 Collective exhibition, Banco Continental Gallery, Arequipa
  • 2006 Collective exhibition Human figure, Palacio Municipal Gallery Arequipa
  • 2007 Collective exhibition, 108 Gallery Cuenca – Ecuador
  • 2007 Collective exhibition, Palacio Municipal Gallery, Arequipa
  • 2008 Collective exhibition, Casa Editora Gallery, Arequipa
  • 2008 Collective exhibition, Noche de Arte 2008 Lima – Perú
  • 2008 Collective exhibition,Ciudad Blanca, Cuenca – Ecuador
  • 2009 Collective exhibition, Asociación de Artistas Plásticos, Arequipa Palacio Municipal Gallery
  • Permanet exhibition, Ciudad Blanca Gallery, Cuenca – Ecuador
  • Exposición itinerante de pintura asociación de artistas plásticos de Arequipa –Chile
  • Exposición arte contemporáneo galería Chávez de la Rosa Arequipa
  • Collective exhibition, artistas plásticos de Arequipa – Bolivia