Sharon Kator

Sharon was always creative but it was a life altering experience which led her sown her current path. She was diagnosed and cured of a tumor. It made her think about what she wanted to do and she wanted to paint. Kator signed up for a couple of lessons and by the time she finished her first painting she was hooked. After reading and article about recycled glass and its uses Sharon Kator became intrigued by the beauty of it and tried to imagine a way to use it to showcase  the beauty of the glass. Then while driving home from the beach one day, it hit her… Why not embellish her paintings with it? It took her a while to prefect the technique and when she finally had a prefect piece, her little dog Cosmo walked right over it! She still has the piece with his little paw prints on it.

Sharon remembers her first “real” show which was sponsored by Jeweler’s Trade Shop in Pensacola. The glistening lights in the jewelry store just made the paintings sparkle. Not only did the paintings sell but people literally held their faces up to the paintings to see how she has done it. This all started with a simple idea; her goal was to create pretty artwork. She loves the glass and she loves to paints and she loves pretty – you could say she the artist’s with the BLING. More than one client has called to tell Sharon that her art makes them happy. What more could an artist ask for?